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No-Cost First
Trimester Ultrasounds

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Am I Pregnant?

Think you may be pregnant? Find out for sure. Turning Point offers no-cost, lab-quality pregnancy tests. Our tests are 99% accurate and can detect a pregnancy as early as 21 to 24 days after your previous period.

What Are My Options?

It’s natural to consider all your options with facing an unexpected pregnancy. Turning Point can provide you with information on all your options so you can make a knowledgeable decision regarding your pregnancy.


Turning Point has an amazing staff! I have learned a lot through their videos and everyone is super nice and helpful!

I wasn’t in the best/happiest place when I went but I cannot express my gratitude enough now! Thank you for truly caring.

The staff is very friendly, really amazing people, I highly recommend them.

I thought I would be judged but they really listened.

They respect that there are people who are afraid and that each person’s situation is different.