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For the 1st time her vision changed

Amaya arrived at the center with a mixture of uncertainty and determination swirling within her. Fresh out of graduate school, she hadn't planned on facing the possibility of motherhood just yet. Yet, here she was, grappling with the weight of a positive pregnancy test and the myriad of choices it presented.

Together, we delved into the depths of her options, navigating through her fears and envisioning what the road ahead might hold. An ultrasound seemed like the next logical step, a window into the unknown future she was confronting. The initial scan left more questions than answers, prompting a return visit two weeks later.

At six weeks and a day into her pregnancy, Amaya stood at a crossroads, her path obscured by uncertainty. Though she remained undecided, she agreed to another ultrasound, perhaps hoping for clarity amidst the swirl of emotions.

As the second ultrasound unfolded, revealing the tiny form on the screen, something shifted within Amaya. No longer just a "baby," but her baby, a realization that began to take root in her heart. With each passing moment, her resolve strengthened, her hesitance giving way to a quiet determination.

In the wake of the ultrasound, a decision emerged - to embrace the journey of motherhood, to nurture the life growing within her. Relief washed over Amaya, a tangible weight lifted from her shoulders as she embraced the path ahead.

Now six months along, Amaya traverses the twists and turns of pregnancy with a newfound sense of purpose and looking to learn more about becoming a mother. Though questions and concerns arise, she reaches out to the education staff, finding solace in their guidance as she navigates this new chapter of her life.

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