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The Perfect Family Does Not Exist

- A Family in Crisis

50% of pregnancies are unplanned yet every woman is shocked at the positive pregnancy outcome. Even when we are planning, I think most of us, if being honest, are shocked at the positive pregnancy test when the results come.

I have learned throughout the years to never make assumptions about anyone walking through our doors. Yet I will find myself slipping up and making assumptions only to learn that lesson once again.

It had been one of those days that was a struggle for me. The work within a nonprofit can require a lot mentally, emotionally, and sometimes physically. Especially where we were as an organization at that time (staff did the janitorial work, the plumbing, the small repairs, all while serving the clients). A family walked through the door, well dressed, kids immaculately groomed, Mom and Dad together. I was excited that I would get to say “congratulations” if the test was positive. It had been a minute since anyone had celebrated a positive pregnancy test within these walls and today was going to be different.

Until it wasn’t. When we sat down to discuss what led them here today, they shared that Dad had misheard the quote on the price of the abortion they had scheduled. When they were told the price at the time of the appointment, they realized they had a choice. They could pay their rent for the month or they could have an abortion but they could not do both.

The Dad’s head hung down, while the mom wiped tears from her eyes. The number of decisions we see made based on financial barriers is more than you would think. A lot of times families just need to be connected to the resources that can help them get through this season while they strive to create a better future. This is not something that adoption or abortion can typically solve. Sometimes it can even magnify the problem. We talked about resources, specifically the need for utilities and rent assistance. We made phone calls and were able to connect them with the resources they desperately needed to get through the tough circumstances. This family did not want an abortion, they felt like there was no other alternative until they had time to problem-solve together with someone outside of the emotion of all that they had going on. This is one of the most valuable roles we serve. People are free to share their most intimate fears, be vulnerable about what they need, and voice anything they feel without fear of hurting someone else.

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